6 Ways to Preserve Your Claim After an Oregon Car Accident

Taking steps to preserve your claim after an accident can make or break your legal case. Gathering evidence is one of the most important aspects of your personal injury claim. You can take the following steps to help preserve your claim after a car crash in Oregon:

  1.     Get medical attention immediately.

Your health and safety are the most important consideration after an accident. Seek medical attention immediately after a crash if you need it. Even if you do not need emergency medical care, you should see your regular physician just to get “checked out” after an accident. Getting yourself healthy after an accident should be your first priority. Be sure to also follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding restrictions and follow-up care.

  1.     Call the police.

It is a good idea to get the police involved in even relatively minor traffic accidents. Police reports are a helpful source of information because they list out contact information for everyone involved in the accident, including witnesses. They often set out insurance information and describe the accident as well. This information can be beneficial as it is presented by an unbiased third party that is generally considered trustworthy.

  1.     Take photos of the scene and damages.

If possible, take pictures of the site of the accident. If you can do this right away after the crash occurs, that will be the most beneficial to your case. Take photos of any traffic signs or signals, any hazards on the road, and the surrounding area. You can also take pictures of any damage that vehicles have sustained and any visible injuries that you have endured.

  1.     Talk to witnesses.

Witnesses can be very valuable resources for information. They can offer an unbiased opinion of what they saw that can help build your case. Be sure to get their contact information so your attorney can talk to them in the future as well.

  1.     Get repair estimates for property damage.

You should also get repair estimates for property damage related to your vehicle. You do not need to repair your car at this point, but having an idea of what it will cost to fix will be helpful to determine the full extent of your damages because of the accident.

  1.     Gather medical records and bills.

Your medical records will tell a story about your injuries after the accident. They are often vital to a personal injury case. Your bills will also indicate how much you had to spend to get healthy after the crash. All of this information will be helpful in tallying your damages after an accident.

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Written by Clarke Griffin

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